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Meet the Team

Get to know us!

We create unforgettable "that's so them" moments through trust creativity & empowerment, helping your day go off without a hitch.

 Welcome to Just Hitched (JHES for short). Here all are welcome. We love to bring your vision to life through “that’s so them” moments. You know, the little details that scream you and could only be at your wedding. We believe every wedding should be as unique as the couple it’s celebrating. It’s the little things that make the most impact. We also believe that planning should be accessible to ALL, regardless of venue or budget. Your wedding day (and the process leading up to it) should be the best experience. This means less stress more love. We hold true to the main focus of the day- you and your love story being celebrated by the ones you hold closest.


Hi Friends!

Hey, I’m Stephanie so nice to meet you! What can I say I love love. I love to bring you into every element of your wedding, walking through your love story in real time. I live for the “that’s so them!” moments tucked away into every piece of the day. I don’t want to be a part of something no one will remember. I love unique spaces and crave a good challenge; be it location or design. I focus on you and your love and let your personalities shine through for the most epic, unique, and special day. I am chasing joy and bringing my dreams of planning weddings to life one couple at a time. When I am not scrolling away finding inspiration for your wedding day, you can find me curled up with my fur-baby Bella (she is my entire life), out with friends for some margaritas and tacos (seriously live for a good taco, and have you ever been stressed while having a taco?!) or in any home décor store (I have a serious addiction to shopping..) 

  • Favorite Go-To Starbucks Order:

    • Grande iced matcha latte with almond milk & sweet cold foam 

  • Favorite Season:

    • Fall- even though it’s out busiest time of year. I love to be comfy & cozy 

  • Unpopular Opinion: Coffee is gross- it tastes like burnt mud

Stephanie Watkins

Owner & Head Planner


Hi there, I'm Rebecca! I first got my start in the wedding industry as a bartender for a venue in the Hudson Valley. I loved seeing the venue transform to tell each couple's story. My enthusiasm for meeting new people and telling their unique love stories led me to pursue event coordination for a different wedding venue. Que meeting Stephanie, and the rest is history! One of my favorite things about wedding planning is incorporating different traditions and cultures into the design process. It makes the wedding extra personal and unique. When I'm not wedding planning, you can find me cooking, baking, painting, reading, or playing Magic the Gathering (trust me, you need to buy a MTG deck and learn the game, you won’t be sorry).

  • Favorite Go to Starbucks Order:

    • French Vanilla Latte 

  • Favorite season:

    • Summer. I love to read a book while working on my tan at the pool but most of all I love the long days and extra hours of sunlight.

  • Unpopular Opinion:

    • Leonardo DiCaprio is the most overrated actor. I’m not saying he’s not talented, I just don't get the hype.

Rebecca Atlas

Lead Planner



Our mommas "work" aka leave us to go do fun things like your weddings. We will drop into every call and Zoom and will demand attention from all...

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